August Kerns, friends and hugs

[page 64, line 20]

Everybody — some of you aren’t old enough, but you’ve got to remember August Kerns, Double A Kerns, if you tried many cases around here. Well, there was a fellow came in on the bus from California, stopped down at the bus station and picked up a little boy, took him up to the room and had a sodomy affair with him. Well, the police officers were looking through the door because they had one of these set-up deals down there and saw everything that was going on.

Now, when Double A came in the courtroom to start this case, you know, he was over there — just, “This is my friend, you know. This is my client. Oh, he’s a fine fellow.” Sat down with him and hugged him during the trial and everything. The police officer started talking about this sodomy case. Well, Double A got up, and he moved two spaces down the counsel table and wouldn’t even talk to the guy anymore after he heard the facts of the case. Now, something you can get too involved.

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