Bill Alexander willing to throw a parade

[page 104, line 24]

JUDGE VANCE: Hugh Lucas.

MR. LUCAS: You know, I look over this group and, along with Mike McCollum, I thought I was going to be the youngest guy until Doug pulled in. But I think the way it used to be back when I came with the D.A.’s office back in 1968 there were 48 assistant D.A.’s. Henry Wade would have his Christmas party at his house. You could bring all your friends, your spouse, everyone, and everyone could get in Mr. Wade’s house at one time. Now it’s over 200 Assistant D.A.’s.

But things are so much different now. I know when I came up from East Texas, you know, to Dallas and the First Assistant — or at least I thought he was the First Assistant was Bill Alexander. I’d go to his office, and he’s yelling and screaming and cussing and raising Cain on the phone. He was still being hounded back in the late 60’s still about the Kennedy assassination. And people were still calling him all the time, you know, to give his views on it. Some reporter was calling him from New York about that time, you know, and getting on Alexander’s case real heavy. And, you know, he turned — he over the telephone just tells the reporter, “Well, why don’t you just come down to Dallas, and we’ll arrange a parade for you too.”

Alexander was different to say the least.

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