Birthday cake and rapist

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And to continue on with my story about men and why we’re do dumb, we have slow learners. As we get older — this goes right to right — we have confusion. Then we get into stupidity, out and out stupidity. It’s probably caused by a testosterone imbalance throughout our early adulthood. I’ll give you a quick case. It actually started out tragically. I was a Sergeant at this point working in the Southeast Division and there was an early Sunday morning, very early Sunday morning, and I was on duty. And there was a rape that had just been reported in another division, in Central. This man had abducted this lady off the street, dragged her into the car, drover her off to some alley, raped her at gunpoint. And before he let her go he said, “I want you to have a piece of my birthday cake.” Now this guy is goofy. He was pretty scary, gunpoint and everything and giving her a piece of birthday cake. We were very concerned about this guy. We put out a description. It wasn’t much of a description. You know, vehicle color, two-door, general direction of travel. He was headed towards the southeast.

I see a car that fits that general description. It’s red, it’s got two doors. The suspect fits the basic description of the driver. I pull it over. I don’t know if I’ve got the right guy. And I walk up to him and I say, “Excuse me, sir. Can you step out of the car?” He says, “Yeah,” and gets out. I asked him, I said, “I need you to go down to jailhouse with me. We’re going to put you in a lineup.” He said, “No, you can’t put me in jail today.” I said, “Why not?” He said, “It’s my birthday.” That’s stupidity.

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