Burt Barr and divorce case

[page 54, line 17]

But I want to tell you about a man who meant a lot to me. Some of you never knew him. Burt Barr. We called him Salty Burt. If he liked you, why, he was all for you. But if he didn’t like you, he didn’t want anything to do with you. But I was a young lawyer before and a district — back in those days the juvenile cases and divorce cases were transferred three months at a time from one district court to the other. And I tried a divorce case. I represented the wife, and another lawyer represented the husband. Well, I was a young lawyer back then, and I lost the child to the father. Well, those were back in the days when fathers never got a child, never. And I just — I felt like I ought to take my license and quit.

Well, Burt heard about it. Burt Barr. He called me and asked me to come down to his office, and I did. He said, “Todd, I heard about what happened to you.” He said, “I don’t vote for those SB’s. I don’t like either one of them. And I know what happened. Will you let me help you?” I said, “Well, I hope somebody can.” And Burt Bar — I don’t know what he did; he never did tell me. But two or three weeks later this woman came into my office and praised me to high heaven. She had her child. Burt had done whatever he did, and got it all straightened out. He and I were friends from that time on and had been before then.

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