Charles Carver and badge design

[page 108, line 14]

Jan “Snooky” Davis, the investigator, he was chief investigator. Well, Wade didn’t like for his investigators to be playing police or to have badges or be involved in raids or anything of that store. Well, Snooky David assigned Charles Carver, a new investigator up there, the task of coming up with the design for a badge that Mr. Wade would approve of. Carver took this real serious. You’d have to know Charles Carver to appreciate it. But he went to all the different police stations and got designs, and finally he was so proud of his work and showed it to Snooky. And Snooky said, “Well, I’m sure Mr. Wade can pick a — pick a — make a selection of which badge he wants.” Of course Carver takes in his handbook, all of his drawings and everything. And it took Wade about two minutes to run Carver out of the office. But these were the things that went on back then.

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