Drug raid and full body search of he-she

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Well, we go from being slow learners to confusion. Another actual story. I was a training officer at this point, had been on about seven years. They gave me a female recruit to train, and one night the narcotics officers called us and they wanted us to assist them in a drug raid. The drug raid was on the trailer home of a topless dancer. We needed a female officer to be there to do the search.

Those of you all that aren’t familiar with it, in a drug raid there’s usually a full body cavity search of the individuals being arrested, and being a female suspect they wanted a female officer. Well, we raid this topless dancer’s place. The female officer goes in the bedroom to do the search. And the next thing I know — (knocking) — from the closed door, “Doug, you better get in here,” from my female partner. I said, “Is the suspect clothed?” “No, but you better get in here anyway.” I said, “No. You give me the clothed suspect.” She said, “No. You really need to get in here.” So myself and a couple of vice detectives when in there and — confusion. See, this was a topless dancer from the waist up, and it was a male dancer from the waist down.

And I had been an officer about seven years at that point, and I was really naive because it was just throwing me completely — I wasn’t — the mind was seeing, but it was not comprehending. And to show you more confusion, not just to pick on this poor individual. We have to book this individual into the jailhouse. And we get down to the jailhouse, and we don’t know what side of the jailhouse the prisoner goes in, the male side or the female side. So we get a bunch of male officers together to try to decide this. And of course we’re slow learners, we’re confused, we can’t figure it out. We see all kinds of possibilities of the problems on either side.

They brought over a female jail supervisor. And again the women are much smarter than us. The female jail supervisor calls the dancer over and says, “You have a …” She said, “Yes.” And the jail supervisor, a female, says, “Does it work?” I would have never thought of that questions. And the dancer said, “Yes.” She said, “Male side.” You ladies have a way of getting right to the heart of the problem.

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