Edgar Smith and foreclosure

[page 120, line 18]

One of the goodies was Edgar Smith. Edgar was a lawyer around Skidrow Bar Association. Edgar had a piece of property he had up for bonds — where he could make bonds. The Sheriff was getting ready to post it for foreclosure because they had run up and Edgar hadn’t paid the bond forfeitures, and you had to foreclose between 10:00 and 4:00. And Edgar was begging the Sheriff not to — it was a deputy sheriff — not to foreclose, give him some more time, and he had the money coming. And they started, they was going to sell it at 10:00. And Edgar said, “Wait till 12:00.” The Sheriff said, “Okay.” Wait, wait till 2:00.” “Okay. No more.” So at 2 o’clock they’re going to have the sale and Edgar pleads. It gets down to 3:30. And so they’re getting ready to have the sale, and the Sheriff is calling the sale. And Edgar says, “Here’s my man, here’s my man, he’s coming.” So the Sheriff waits, and five minutes to 4:00 the Sheriff says, “That’s it; we’re having the sale.” So he starts to call the sale, and Edgar hauls off and hits him right in the face, knocks him down, and they’re rolling around on the dirt and fighting and everything.¬†And when the fight is over, Edgar is saying, “What time is it? What time is it?” One minute after 4:00. So they had to wait another month for the sale.

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