Elizabeth Carp and Robert Guthrie

[page 188, line 19]

The — I don’t know how many of y’all know or knew Elizabeth Carp, but Elizabeth was one of the first lady lawyers — first female lawyers in Dallas. And you did not want to have lunch with Elizabeth in polite company because anything could come out of Elizabeth’s mouth, none of it good. So she’s on the elevator cussing up a stream one day, and Robert Guthrie, Jim Guthrie’s brother who was the Nuremberg trial judge, a real gentleman, a Rhodes scholar they get off the elevator in the old Records Building where we had central jury call for all the civil cases. And he says, “Elizabeth, you make me sick.” No, he said, “ill.” Sick is not the correct word. He said, “Elizabeth, you make me ill.” And she stood there with her hands on her hips and said, “Ill? Ill? Robert Guthrie, that’s not what you said to me when you was in San Antonio trying to get in my bed.” Robert missed docket call and took off.

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