Embarrassing Henry Wade

[page 105, line 25]

Alexander was different to say the last. He wasn’t there very long after I came to Dallas. He said a few other things that got him in some trouble and ended up leaving the D.A.’s office. But the Criminal Bar Association was quite different back then. I was told when I first came to the office that one thing you don’t do — you have a lot of fun at the D.A.’s office, but you don’t embarrass Henry Wade. And they gave me the example ¬†of the Assistant D.A. a year or two earlier who attended a criminal bar party. And regardless of what they say up in Washington, he committed some type of sexual offense in front of the entire Criminal Bar Association as I understand. But I don’t know if any of this group was present. I won’t ask anyone to raise their hands to cop out to being present. I was not there. I was not there, but —

MALE AUDIENCE MEMBER: The assistant district attorney from another county and the county judge were there.

MR. LUCAS: And anyway, that Assistant D.A. I understand was fired the next day. So I understood — I was taught early you don’t embarrass Henry Wade, you know.

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