Herb Green and George Milner

[page 75, line 18]

JUDGE VANCE: I’ll call on Judge Chapman, please.

JUDGE CHAPMAN: Well, we’ve had quite a colorful history over the years. It’s always good to start off with another Herb Green story. You know how deserted that courthouse is if you got there about 2:30 in the afternoon on about a Thursday. This one defendant had been waiting all morning for his lawyer, pacing up and down, up and down in the hallway. His lawyer hadn’t showed up. Finally Herb is up there, and I don’t know if either — if he was answering docket call about then or not. But Herb gets off the elevator. This guy has been waiting all day long. He comes up and says, “Say, you!” He says, “Are you my lawyer? Are you George Milner?” Herb never missed a beat. He says, “No, man.” He says, “George Milner is a little short, fat guy.”

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