Herb Green and head of funeral home foundation

[page 112, line 19]

We were trying a case one time with Herb where the defendant was accused of trying to kill this lady and his idea, his confession stated that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her after he killed her. Well, Herb decided that, you know, this is normal behavior. So he subpoenaed Dudley Hughes, who was then President of the — whatever foundation, the funeral home foundation in Texas and brought him up there to prove to this jury that — you know, that this is natural behavior, there’s not nothing really that unusual about it. And I’ll never forget the embarrassment on Dudley Hughes’ face when he had to testify when Herb’s asking him those particular cases.

So, again, it was a good time. We miss a lot of those people. Dalford Todd was one of the first individuals I met. A more honorable person you couldn’t find than Dalford, and I mean that.

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