Hold for Decker

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But in those days a Decker hold really was something. I don’t know how many of y’all were even around during that time, but there wasn’t a district judge in the state of Texas that would have granted a guy a release if it had a Decker hold on it. And that’s a fact. That’s because they honored that man. His word was good everywhere.

And I think that’s a great thing, what my friend Dalford said, we all — we had four liars, folks. We knew who the four liars were. And nobody gave them any credence. Everybody else you knew was an honorable person and told the truth and you could believe them, you know, no matter what they said. And I think we need to get back to some of that. I think that’s really important, to have the integrity in yourself and reflect it, you know, in our courts because I don’t feel trusted, I don’t feel honored, I don’t feel like I did then. I think it was — I think it was good and I think we can do something to get back to it. My daughter is my law partner now, and I hope that she sees a time when all of us are honored like we used to be. We can all work to that. Jim Barklow is next speaker.


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