Husband prosecuting wife for trying to kill him

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Charles was a heck of an investigator, but he got in a little bit of trouble pulling over speeders on the freeway. While he was riding his motorcycle he’d pull over individuals. He tried to arrest someoneĀ for urinating in public on the toll road. He stopped someone for speeding out there one time, and it turned out to be one of Mr. Wade’s good friends. So he was a heck of a guy, a really good investigator. The last — the last straw I guess was when Charles on a reindictment went out to arrest an individual and got the office in a big lawsuit.

So, again, this was the era back then. And we had a lot of fun. Most of the individuals that I practiced with back then still have their law license. There’s a few that don’t. But there’s some interesting names from the past. You know, we talk about Trombone Martin, Jim — Jim Martin, Rughead, Bob Stinson, Collie Sullivan, Nay Wade. It was really an era of personalities. And here i was a young lawyer — had black hair at that time, you know — who was really impressed by these individuals. And as was said a little earlier, you know, everybody had some integrity back then. And we really — we really got along and we really had a lot of fun.

And I was in the Grand Jury for a number of years. And I guess the statute of limitations has run on most of this stuff. Let me tell you about the most interesting case. You know, everybody in the Grand Jury I think other than me became a judge, you know, at some point. There’s Schwille, Mike Schwille, Richard Mays, Bob Day. So I think I’m the only one that didn’t get that far. They all told of all these thousands and thousands and thousands of cases they tried. Of course a lot of them were in the Grand Jury, and we tried about 60 a day. So it accumulates pretty fast when you’re dealing 60 a day.

My most interesting case, out of probably 15 or 20,000 that went through the Grand Jury, was the case of the man that wanted to prosecute his wife for sexual assault. And this case came out of Rowlett, Texas.

And I — you know, I took an interest in this case. It seemed like it was something, you know, that really needed to be — needed to be investigated. So we brought the complainant up. The complainant was a man about 45 years old who wanted to prosecute his wife who was convinced, absolutely convinced that she was trying to — to kill him by having sex with him on too regular an occasion. That he was in poor health and he would describe how this healthy defendant wife of his was actually trying to kill him, you know, by having sex with him too much, her weight and his insurance policy and everything.

Well, the Grand Jury took a big interest in this case. We brought in the investigator from Rowlett, we brought in the patrol officer. And during that particular time the police officers would testify first. So we wanted to make sure this Rowlett officer testified before anyone. Bottom line in the case, I think, is that the defendant was in fact no billed in the case. The case never made it to the courthouse. I really back during that time had a sense of humor. I wanted to send it up to the courts, but it just didn’t seem like the right thing. I think that would come back to haunt me.

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