Judge Bob Porter and Blassingame’s defense

[page 51, line 15]

I was trying to think what the district judge up there that died not long ago, a fine gentleman and a real gentleman, and his name is Bob. I can’t think of his last name.


MR. BLASSINGAME: Porter. Bob Porter. Judge Porter — we had a robber case up there, and I was about to appear in court and he wanted to know what I was up there on. And I said, “Well, Judge, I’ve got this robber and this robbery case.” And I said, “I think we’ve got a defense.” He looked at me and said, “What do you mean, a defense to robbery?” I said, “Well, Judge, you know, he’s over here in the Linn Hotel in the halfway house and he’s on work release, and he’s in the pen for robbery.” He said, “Oh, really? In my court?” And he says, “You’re not going to put that defense on.” I”m sure that it would have been a good defense. They would have probably got me with it, but after he — he laughed about it and he used to tell me, said, “Well, I’m going to call you and let you put on your defense.” So I think I’m going to let somebody else put on some defense. Thank you.


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