Judge Joe Brown and Dallas Morning News is wrong

[page 121, line 19]

You know, I don’t think we can go through the fun day without mentioning Joe B. Brown. Joe B. Brown tried the Ruby case, but he was a classic example of someone who had great fun all the time. And we’re in that court right after what — Cross got life for killing those two co-eds down at the University of Texas. And we’re picking a jury, and Henry Wade and Alexander at that time, they kind of controlled what the Dallas Morning News said about crime. And there was a headline that said, “Cross gets life. Will probably serve three years.”

So Curtis Glover is picking this jury against me on a damn robbery, and they’re saying, “Anybody consider life as proper punishment for a robbery?” You know they would have given life to their mama after seeing that headline. They all read that newspaper. And so I thought, oh, we’ve got to get a mistrial out of this. So I’m sitting there and I say — my turn comes, and I say, “You know, y’all can’t really believe what The Dallas Morning News says there.” And Curtis objects. And the judge says, “What — what — what did you say Bill?” Because Joe B. didn’t listen too well. I’m standing back by the jury rail. And I said, “Oh, I”m just telling about that baloney in The Dallas Morning News, Judge, you know about three years equals life in the penitentiary. And that’s baloney.” Joe B. Says, “Come up here, come up here.” So he gets up there and he leans over and he says, “Bill, we all know that The Dallas Morning News has got 95 percent of this stuff wrong, but you can’t tell the jury that.” But he left his microphone on. So we got a mistrial.


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