Judge Sarah Hughes and prominent lawyer

[page 9, line 24]

There’s a couple more of Judge Hughes, but I’m trying to figure out how I can tell these stories here. Well, she had quite a sense of humor. She loved more than anything a lawyer — a visiting lawyer from out of town that didn’t know her. He was sort of her straight main in the court. She liked to jerk the lawyers around a little bit. So she was having a docket call. She had her formal docket calls, all the lawyers down there announcing on their cases. A San Antonio lawyer, well-known San Antonio lawyer showed up, quite a prominent fellow actually at the time. And he says — he announced not ready. He said, “Judge, I’m not ready on this case.” He said, “I’m going to need at least three more weeks to appear ready.” She said, “Well,” she said, “I’m trying a criminal case today. It’s going to go to the jury this afternoon, and we’ll try your case next.” “After this one?” She said, “That’s what ‘next’ means to me.”

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