Lucas and fake case file

[page 129, line 18]

I look around the room here, and Hugh Lucas tells about practical jokes. He forgot to tell about the practical joke about the case that came out of the indictment — or the indictment came out of the Grand Jury. Remember that, Hugh? You know, we’d get our cases every week. One prosecutor would get all the cases. And then if you had a companion case that came out, you’d get maybe on extra one. We made up an entire case file on a rape with Lucas as the defendant.

At any rate, they went around and handed out the files, and Lucas is sitting in his office. And I went around there, and I said, “Hugh, did you get any indictments today?” He said, “No.” Stuffed it in his file cabinet. We didn’t pay it much mind, but his fiancee came down to watch him in trial about a week later. And while Hugh was down in the courtroom she waited in his office and started reading his case files. Well, that was an embarrassing moment.

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