Mike Barclay and bus ticket

[page 117, line 21]

One of the real characters around the courthouse for years, before he got religion and moved out to West Texas where he’s making money, was Mike Barclay. And Barclay is trying a check case in John Mead’s court. And Ben Soliner who was the prosecutor running the check station — section never knew how to try a case in his life. And Ben is down there, and Jim Miller is helping him. So Miller says, “Soliner, you’ve got to introduce into evidence the check.” So Soliner takes the check and walks over to the jury and says, “Here.” And Miller says, “Have it marked first.” So he goes to the first juror and says, “Mark this.” And He says, “No. By the court reporter.” So he takes it over to the court reporter and says, “Mark it.” And he says, “Now show it to the defense and have it identified” — talking about to the witness.

And so Soliner walks over and hands the check to Barclay and says, “Identify this.” Barclay stands up and says, “May it please the Court. Prosecutor for the State has handed the defendant a one-way bus ticket to Fort Worth which we accept,” puts it in his pocket and sits back down. “Give it back, give it back, give it back.”


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