Mother foxes

[page 133, line 5]

The only time I ever saw him at a loss for words — and Judge, you may remember this. See, he had a court reporter. Unlike this lady who takes things down with a Stenograph, she wrote it out in shorthand. And I mean she was fast. But we had a case, an assault case from over by Fair Park. And everybody was kind of jive talking. And this guy says, “Well you see the man in the court — (talking fast) — yeah, that’s the guy. And the bro in the brown suit, can you see that?” And they’re talking so fast that we take a break — and I mean the court reporter, who many of you now know, was exhausted. And Judge Ellis says — and I won’t call her name, but “Are you getting all of that?” “Oh, she says, “Yes, but I don’t understand it.” He says, “What don’t you understand?” She said, “I don’t understand the part about the mother foxes.” Now for a judge that had always explained everything to us, there was this silence.
JUDGE ELLIS: She’s on the Court of Appeals now, and she still doesn’t know.

MR. BARKLOW: I wasn’t going to give that away.

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