Practical joke about pistol

[page 107, line 20]

But the practical joking then was something that you just — you never really got used to. I came in with a pretty good group. Jim Barklow, Mike McCollum, Bill Hill, Jon Sparling, Winfield Scott, a bunch of pretty good guys that I followed that came into the D.A.’s office. But one of the first things they would tell a rookie prosecutor — and, again, here I was a country boy coming into town who was the — you know how we would be issued our pistols by Mr. Wade. This had to be Barklow probably that was telling me this. I’m sitting there with my mouth open eager to get my pistol, you know, from Mr. Wade. He said, “Hugh, you just go in and ask him — you know, you’re the new prosecutor. After you’ve been here 30 days, you’re entitled to — you know, either a .38 caliber, .45, whatever you like, you know.” And yeah, I fell for it. And Wade looks up, you know, and runs me out. It was — but they do that.

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