Press parties

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We had what we called the press party back then. The parties were parties back during that time, and we all thought we had some type of license or exemption from public intox or DWI or anything else back in the 60’s. Maybe we did; I don’t know. But the infamous press parties they had back then, any of you — you need to know that this is a party that was held at Christmastime down in the basement of the courthouse, alcohol, everything, a lot of food. This was about ten feet from where people were posting bonds for DWI’s, you know. So it was kind of a — kind of an interesting situation. You’d be — have a drink in each hand. Ten feet away some individual and their family would be posting bond. So you felt a little awkward walking out in the hallway with your drinks at that time, but it was just a different era. And, again, this would be a situation where they’d have maybe four, five parties a night. You’d go from one to the other, and one to the other and end up possibly at Mr. Minyard’s party. And we all remember those. It was good times.

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