Rastafarians and dynamite

[page 78, line 14]

There have been some characters. Hoyt Pinkleton was mentioned. John Coil and I — a lot of you are too young to remember John Coil. But I want to leave you with a true story that really happened about 14 years ago.

I was on a sailboat with J.J. Coggin, a former homicide officer. And we’re down in the Grand Caymans. And everybody had gone in that morning shopping. And it was me and him with our second Heineken in the morning about 9 o’clock, you know, and mystery novels propped up there in paradise. And this rastafarian boatman came rowing his boat up. And this fellow says to J.J., he says, “Say, mon, do you want to buy some dynamite (Indicating smoking)?” And J.J., says, “Oh, mon, don’t you know who I am?” The guy says, “No, mon.” He says, “I’m the man.” The boatman goes, “Oh, shit.” He says, “You see this guy over here; do you know who he is?” “No, mon.” “He’s the judge.” He says, “Oh, double shit.” True story.

I enjoyed being here, and thank you for being my friends.

JUDGE VANCE: Before I call the next speaker, let me say that — Yes.

THE REPORTER: I’ll take that break now.

JUDGE VANCE: All right, go ahead, Donna. Go ahead, let’s take a break.


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