Robbery in progress

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Well, I can’t let you ladies completely off the hook because in addition to stupidity though you have a way of causing men certain poor judgment, error in judgment. We have — you force us to make some emotional decisions, and we exhibit episodes of poor judgment. For example, another time while a Sergeant at Southeast I get a call on a burglary in progress, hot call, 4111. We go flying there. The suspect is kicking in the front door trying to break in, a woman on the inside. Oh, serious.

We come screaming up Code 3. The guy sees us. The door’s halfway kicked. He breaks and runs. We chase him two blocks, catch him. He resists. We cuff him up, drag him back. He looks like he’s running through a bad episode with the police, you know, the Cops TV program. We drag him back and contact the lady. She goes, “I sure am glad you caught him. I told him not to come back tonight.” “You told him not to come back tonight?” “Yeah, he came back late, and I threw him out and — he lives here, and I didn’t want him to come back home.” Oh, my. We said, “We pulled up on this call and you said it was a burglary in progress and this guy ran.”

So then we tried to ask the man. “You live here?” He said, “Yes.” “Why did you run from the police?” And he explained to us, “You don’t understand. This woman had me so upset. I was so upset, I was very upset, and I saw the police. I didn’t know what to do, so I ran.” “But you’re running from your own house?” “But she drove me to be upset to the highest degree of pissitivity.” I learned a new word that night. The funny thing is I think that I knew exactly what he meant. We dusted him off rather nicely and let him spend the evening in his house. So we have those episodes of poor judgment.

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