Shelby Cox and Judge Atwell

[page 57, line 24]

I’m going to wind up in just a second. Speaking of Judge Atwell, those of you who never had the privilege of trying a case before Judge William Hall Atwell don’t know what you missed. Because the judge — it didn’t take you but just a little bit, when you got in his court, you knew who the boss was. He had one of these little glasses. And he’d stare at you, you know. And you’d say — well, anyhow, Shelby Cox was the judge of the County Criminal Court Number 1. He took over from Joe Brown. And so he was talking to me one day and said — he said, “Todd, I want to tell you something.” He said, “I’ve had lawyers ask me how I get along with Judge Atwell so well.” I said, “Well, how do you?” He says, “Well I tell my client, ‘I’ll represent you till we get up to the courthouse door. When we get on the inside, it’s every man for himself.'” Of course, I’m sure he didn’t do that. But we only had two federal courts here then, Judge Atwell and Judge Davidson. ANd they were both fine men.


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